12 Step Keyword Research Process That You Need To Optimize Your SEO

Table of Contents

You may be a beginner – pursuing writing as a hobby or a veteran; an expert on the best content strategies. No matter what, you would be familiar with the importance of SEO and the struggle of figuring out just the right keywords to incorporate into your content.

Here are the steps we recommend for a comprehensive keyword research strategy. We have implemented these keyword research strategies and processes with our clients, which has improved our clients’ business and helped us in driving the right traffic to their website.

Go through the step-by-step procedure to do successful keyword research.

Step 1: Topics, Targeted Audience & Goals

  • Make a list of important and relevant topics you want to target
  • Choose Your Niche Market
  • List Your Targeted Audience
  • Define your Goals

Step 2: What are the different Keywords in SEO?

  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Short Tail Keywords
  • Product / Shopping Keywords
  • Branded keywords
  • Competitor keywords
  • Geo-targeted / Local keywords
  • Related or LSI keywords

Step 3: Keyword Research Template

  • Create a Keyword Research Template using Excel
  • Create different columns according to your keyword research report

Step 4: Brainstorming / Manual Entry

  • Go through the relevant topics, services and products offered
  • List the important topics, services and products
  • Create a column and list down the keywords

Step 5: Competitor Analysis

  • Use brainstorming keywords in google search
  • Go through the SEO / PPC results
  • Make a list of your competitors
  • Now go through every competitor’s website 
  • Pick Keywords from Competitors website through the meta tags and content
  • Create a new Competitor column in the excel sheet and list down the keywords

Step 6: Google Search Drop-Down

  • Type the Researched Keywords in Google search one by one 
  • Collect all the relevant keywords from the search drop-down
  • Create a new Google Search Drop-Down in the excel sheet and add all the keywords

Step 7: Google Suggested Keywords

  • Type the Researched Keyword in Google search
  • Scroll down the results page and here you will find the suggested keywords.
  • Do not select all the keywords
  • Think and Analyze
  • Choose the right keywords from suggested keywords
  • Create a new suggested keywords column in the excel sheet and list down the keywords

Step 7: Uber Suggest for Keyword Research

Step 8: Uber Suggest for Keyword Research

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