21 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups to Succeed in 2023

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Nothing is more exciting in life than starting your own Business/Company. The dream of launching something unique, grabbing the market attention, and becoming an established company is thrilling. But with great ideas comes a challenging responsibility.

Before committing to any dream business project, you must be fully prepared for all the unaccounted responsibilities that instantly come with it. The technology industry is a very complex and hugely competitive place. There are thousands of experienced players out there who can beat your business with their expertise. Apart from those players, many small players are trying to enter the game daily. I’m talking about startups, those up-and-coming businesses that are likely just as unique and competitive as your new business.

It is where digital marketing comes into play. No one starts a business today without having a proper digital marketing strategy. It is because digital marketing today is at the center of any marketing strategy for any business, whatever its size or industry. If you are in the initial stages of starting a business, you probably have a tight budget and a small group of employees. Therefore, you need a proper plan if you want your startup to grow as fast as it should be.

You want your startup to grow. It is why we want to show you digital marketing tips for startups applicable right away. Digital marketing requires funds of the highest order to provide any successful returns. And searching for funds for your startup is a difficult task. So what can you do? Well, there are various means and ways of making digital marketing both- effective and affordable.

One of the most important ways to market your startup is via social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. These are simple to handle, provide effective promotion, are easy to operate, and have commendable customer service opportunities for startups. You can also implement an inbound marketing strategy, or why not integrate a growth hacking process? Nevertheless, keep particular things in mind when handling the promotion of your startup through digital marketing.

Start With Right Platform

Start With Right Platform 

Digital marketing is a complex world, and you might get confused with the different channels on this platform. Thus, you must know your products and customers and define an accurate marketing strategy for your startup. In this case, begin with the means that are suitable for you.

Are you confused about how to pick the right channel for your business? You need each option to hire a qualified digital marketing agency to do every research necessary for your online business marketing and create a suitable strategy for your business.

Strong Online Presence

Build Strong Online Presence

Online brand presence has become more important and complicated than ever before. Do you want to promote your business? A good website would be a prerequisite to making your company visible on the internet, not only as an informative company but as a multidimensional one. Aside from that, you will need to create a Facebook account, a blog page, a Twitter account, LinkedIn Company Page, and so on. Several companies might try web applications, Android apps, and iOS apps.

Create a well-designed UI/UX with attractive designs and relevant images so it shows up quickly within the searches. It is just the initial start of a great digital marketing campaign. Likewise, concentrate on the main structure and content of the website along with the SEO (search engine optimization) and webpage keywords because they’re crucial for website visibility in Google Search Results. SEO is also cost-effective and provides long-term benefits. It also increases the visibility and number of natural visitors to your website.

Voice Of Your Brand

Build The Voice Of Your Brand

To get more customers, you need to expand your brand voice. The message about your product/services should reach your customers. It depends a lot on how you can deliver it. Do it by consistently and frequently sending out informative posts. Research suggests that posting 5 to 10 pieces of content every week on Facebook, once a day on LinkedIn, and 5 to 6 tweets daily on Twitter about your brand is necessary.

Your brand voice needs to be present on every platform, such as your emails and brochures, but also contains social media channels and even offline marketing.

Educate Your Customer

Educate Your Customers

If you think the highly promotional strategy of your startup will keep your audience captive or active, you couldn’t be more wrong. The clients won’t waste time reading how good you and your brand are. They like something of value. Therefore, give information mixed with promoted content to make your offering attractive and engaging. Don’t only promote let them know about your brand and stop direct sales.

Multiple Social Platform

Try Multiple Social Platforms

Take advantage of all the major social media channels to boost your business and establish better brand awareness. You can test and apply the best social media marketing tips and strategies to your business. The more widespread brand content is, the more customers you’ll be able to attract and engage with. Some social platforms can be valuable immensely to marketing your startup, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Plaxo, WhatsApp, XING, Tableau, Buffer, Digg, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, SlideShare, Vimeo, etc. Have a social media strategy for your startup to build upon its presence.

Cutting Edge Content

Create Cutting Edge Content

To create and deliver cutting-edge content, create a content marketing and strategy plan. You may have the best digital media platforms. Yet, if you haven’t thought out what, how, when, and where you’re spreading information about your startup, your efforts will go wasted. In digital marketing, content is king- since this conveys the message of your brand to the people. There are many content marketing tactics to make your messages delivered very interestingly to make people stop and notice them. If making the right content message is a concern for you, then you may take the help of top-notch content websites or freelance content writers that are very affordable.

Make a content marketing strategy, and follow this consistently to engage with your audience. Don’t always talk about the features and benefits of the product. Instead, talk about the benefits of the user in that piece of content. If the content isn’t clear and the messages aren’t well-formulated, you’ll undoubtedly struggle to communicate with your audience. Somebody said that the content is the reason the search started.

Optimize For Mobile Users

Optimize For Mobile Users

Mobile usage traffic has surpassed desktop apps in various developed/developing countries. Hence, give mobile device optimization due importance to the benefits of your digital marketing pursuits. Make sure the user seamlessly navigates through the apps using a mobile phone.

Make Real fans

Make Real Fans

Social media is not only about the number of followers. It is also about their engagement in your post (Likes/Comments/Shares). We often hear startups saying they have 30,000 Facebook fans or 25,000 Instagram followers or 20,000 LinkedIn contacts, 15,000 Twitter followers, and so on. Ask them how many of their followers bought their products, and many will tell you it’s near to 0. Is that good? I don’t think so.

Social media marketing is very useful in helping you spread your brand voice globally. Yet, once you choose to go for fake likes/followers, this voice remains unheard. If most of the followers are not real, it only means that even publishing the finest content of your posts will not be noticed by anyone. The majority of social media channels serve as an ad post to a group of individuals who follow your page, yet once they turn out to be fake user IDs and there’s no engagement involved (Likes/Comments/Shares), such platforms won’t spread the post to the next batch.

Concentrate on Target Audience

Concentrate On Target Audience

At the start, it’s typical for startup companies to get over-excited and reach out to everyone. Nevertheless, as exciting as it might sound, focus on the target audience that is more likely to give you businesses/sales.

If you do not narrow the market according to your niche target, your message delivery reaches a bigger irrelevant audience that’s unlikely to grab their attention. It won’t meet your intended goals. For instance, if you’re a brand selling stationery items and your target audience is everyone, you could get several sales, but not as many as you expected (plus more marketing expenses).

It is wise to segment your target audience according to gender, age, region, and so on to maximize the returns of the digital marketing campaign’s strategy. Rather than attracting all random clients, you must reach out to those who will help you meet short-term goals, like your immediate reachable customers.

Engage With Target Audience

Engage With Your Target Audience

It can feel like very generic digital marketing advice for any startup. But people surprisingly forget it very often- even by large companies with a commendable digital marketing investment.

Marketing must not look put on. Your posts don’t always have to be a business influence- audience engagement is a more important job. Run unique and creative contests with several giveaway contests, tag relevant individuals in the curated posts, do Q&A Sessions for better user interaction, convey information using attractive infographics, ask the audience interesting questions using creative graphic design posts, and more.

Remember that user-generated content is a great way to showcase how the brand connects with the audience. Once your users or customers contribute to the page’s content, it’s a success as they might engage with their friends regarding your brand.

Be Reliable & Consistent

Be Reliable & Consistent Player

Social media is the best method to build a positive image for your company/brand. You must not just post articles frequently, but instead, there ought to be uniform individuality to your post. In addition, never over post and deviate from the meaning of your brand. Experts suggest that the optimal number of posts on Facebook should be between 5-10 times a week. Try being more engaging and share relevant and informative posts.

Try Small Investments

Try Small Investments

There are numerous social opportunities that you can invest in that have the benefit regarding unique selling ideas and the industry. Experiment with some options and see what warrants the best ROI for your startup.

Internal Web Pages

Improve Internal web Pages For Conversion

What do you want your customers to do when landing on your website? Keep this in mind when formulating your overall content strategy. Find free plugins to capture emails and leverage services, including constant contact for campaigns. You may also use free tools like Google Analytics to monitor the visitor’s path to the website. When on it, search for opportunities to make a user-friendly experience. Optimize the forms on your website to build a more versatile inbound lead funnel.

Hire Digital Marketer

Hire Digital Marketing Staff

Rather than a digital marketing executive, experts suggest you go with a senior resource with 4-6 years of experience handling digital marketing for brands or startups. Another possibility is to outsource your startup digital marketing agency or get a freelancer to work on your projects to get an idea of how things work in real digital marketing platforms.

You’ll work on new marketing strategies on time, and your insights will help you chart long-term plans. While hiring marketing personnel, ensure they are good at all the primary digital channels, including social media marketing, SEM, SEO, digital PR, and email marketing. Being knowledgeable about google analytics is also a must.

However, others have noticed that people from digital marketing agencies do not live up to expectations because the agencies have several teams handling all the digital channels. You may hire people from some brands or startups that are in the same niche as somewhat related to or like yours.


Concentrate On Branding

Having a strong brand presence is crucial and is often neglected by startups. If there is
one digital marketing tip for any startups you don’t want to overlook- it is branding!
If you’ve launched your marketing activities, start working on your communication first.
Coming up with the brand will help you identify and define your brand accurately. It’s a
prerequisite to have a catchy brand story for your business. It will develop an attachment
with your clients and help you set them apart from your competitors.
Branding is day-to-day work, not a one-time implementation. You need to implement it on
every platform to reach out to your business. It has to be done by the company internally, or
you can also do it with a branding services agency.

Best Tools

Invest In The Best Tools

Having a strong branding presence is crucial and is often neglected by startups. If there is one digital marketing tip for any startups you don’t want to overlook- it is branding!

If you’ve launched your marketing activities, start working on your communication first. Coming up with the brand will help you identify and define your brand accurately. It’s a prerequisite to have a catchy brand story for your business. It will develop an attachment with your clients and help you set them apart from your competitors.

Branding is day-to-day work, not a one-time implementation. You need to implement it on every platform to reach out to your business. It has to be done by the company internally, or you can also do it with a branding services agency.

Ideal Strategy

Establish Ideal Strategy For Your Needs

It means that you must determine your goals as a business first, know the limitations, how much time you may dedicate to this marketing strategy, and what makes you different or better than most successful competitors. Once you have figured it out, this will enable anyone to be involved on the same page and resolve any issues that could come up within the business.

Short Term Goals

Focus On Short Term Goals to maximize Your Revenue

Many startups believe they should quickly grow without thinking about long-term plans. It is a mistake- while it’s true that you need to grow fast, thinking long-term will allow you to avoid errors. “Don’t think long term, you’re a startup” is one of the worst marketing advice for startups.

In terms of setting goals for the digital marketing plan of the startup, it is essential to consider the long-term objectives and goals because it provides everybody involved with a potential target to reach. When there aren’t any short-term achievable goals or low-hanging fruits, the optimistic long-term goals may get lost with time and changes depending on the services or products and the people within the business.

Schedule Tasks

Be Willing When Schedule And Delegating tasks

One of the worst things that will happen with a startup’s marketing plan is no ownership of the tasks that should be monitored and executed. Whether working with the marketing team internally or hiring an agency to handle digital marketing tasks, there must be some agreed-upon expectations and responsibilities for marketing campaigns. Otherwise, things will go in a way that makes it tricky to improve, track, and measure as days’ pass.

Customer Interactions

Track Customer Interactions And Progress

As your digital marketing campaign brings in interactions and engagement with the startups, you may learn a lot through watching how things progress and what users like versus what they do not. When the startup gets a sense of what is going well, it enables them to adjust as required and implement CRO or conversion rate optimizations for you to maximize the campaign’s performance.

Dedicated To Digital Marketing

Be Dedicated To Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing needs time and effort for it to work successfully. If you are dedicated and committed to your startup, you can achieve your goals in no time and get the results you have always wanted, regardless of how tough the competition is.

As you can see, many digital marketing tactics exist on social media, emails, influencers, advertising, branding, etc. Don’t hesitate to run tests, tweak your campaigns, or hire a mentor or an agency. Most startups fail, and one of the reasons is the failure to execute marketing.

Owning a startup over a shoestring budget is challenging. But if you retain the marketing costs while making the most of the best digital opportunities, you can quickly strengthen the visibility of the brands without restricting the budget. You can’t always try to save some bucks here and there. If you find a digital marketing tool, a growth hacking tool, software, or anything else that can save you time, don’t hesitate.

Time is not renewable and is your most important value! In all those 21 Digital Marketing tips for startups to be successful in 2023, remember one thing: time is your best ally, and without it, you won’t succeed!


In the fast-paced and competitive business world of 2023, startups must prioritize digital marketing to succeed. These 21 digital marketing tips offer valuable insights for startups to build a strong online presence, engage their target audience, and establish a unique brand voice.

By embracing social media platforms, creating cutting-edge content, and optimizing for mobile users, startups can effectively reach a wider audience. Investing in the right tools and hiring experienced digital marketing professionals will enhance campaign performance.

Balancing short-term goals and long-term objectives will ensure sustainable growth. With dedication and commitment to their digital marketing efforts, startups can maximize their potential and outshine competitors.

In this digital age, mastering digital marketing is crucial for startups seeking to thrive. Enrolling in a comprehensive digital marketing course can provide valuable skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-changing landscape successfully. By staying informed, startups can leverage digital marketing to propel their businesses forward and achieve lasting success.

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