Top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers in India

Top 10 Influencers in India

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The world has seen an unusual change in 2020. We have seen it all, from pandemic to protests.

But one thing that has undoubtedly paved its way through this catastrophic time is DIGITALISATION. By this, we mean digitalization in everything around us.

This pandemic has taught us the power of the INTERNET. From groceries, medicines, education to sports, judicial cases, everything brought online.

Every sector has made its online presence, thanks to the pandemic. All of us have learned the ABC of the internet.

Earlier, it was confined to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, but now, we know it all. Owing the major change, some sectors have thrashed while some have lifted off.

Appending to this bewildering journey, digital marketing has seen a massive boom across all the industries. It has become one of the major players in any workplace or sector.

Digital marketing has become one of the essential skills that the employer might look into your CV. Nowadays, It’s one of the most demanded skills in marketing.

Do you have FOMO? Don’t worry, in case you missed it, and we have curated this list of Indian digital marketers inspiring us this 2020.

They have geared themselves and are rocking in their space. We have tagged their social media handles so you can dive into their world to learn and explore. GET READY.

Sourabh Bhatnagar

He can talk Content, and he can walk CONTENT; he can run CONTENT.

As quoted by Forbes, the Internet and Business legend Saurabh Bhatnagar is one of India’s most renowned digital marketers. 

He helps individuals & businesses scale their revenue through online marketing strategies. 

Along with his brother, Rahul Bhatnagar, he has founded many SAAS software and is rightly called the marketing strategist.

Saurabh has developed his USP “TFP Formula” that has earned him Facebook’s highest ROI ad campaigns & automated business funnels with the highest conversion numbers.

Harsh Aggarwal

Indian digital marketer Harsh Aggarwal has started his journey from a call center and is now earning millions.

He is the epitome of the power of blogging. He is the founder of an awe-inspiring blog called Shoutmeoutloud.

With the experience of over ten years in this industry, he is one of the most inspiring bloggers for every one of us.

He has emphasized mostly SEO tools, WordPress, and earning tips for bloggers. What else can we need this 2020?

Jitendra Goswami

The author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” Jitendra has been a Digital Marketing expertise and consultant, trainer, and speaker. 

He has established himself worldwide with his book and his workshops. He has been a digital marketer for over five years and has trained 3000+ digital marketing professionals globally. His goal is to revolutionize businesses through digitization. 

He is the perfect example that dreams come true if you stay driven.

Pradeep Chopra

He is the innovator of digital marketing in India. Pradeep is the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Vidya, an international speaker, and an author on Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Pradeep has conducted many Social Media Workshops in Singapore, Click Asia Summit, TiEcon, Global Youth Marketing Forum, and NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in India.

He has trained and advised thousands of professionals and CEOs in digital marketing.

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is the founder of echoVME and Digital Scholar. He started his journey as an SEO Executive when he was just 17 years old.

Today, he has built his name in the digital marketing industry with over ten years of experience.

He is active on his YouTube channel and blog. He’d also made few courses on Udemy you must check out if you’re looking for it. He is said to be one of the best Digital Marketing GURU.

His agency echoVME was recognized as “The Best Social Media Agency of 2013” by CMO Asia. He is enthusiastic about his journey and conveys the same with his lectures and training programs.

He equally invests his time in writing useful blogs and helps digital marketing aspirants to learn and grow.

Jyotindra Zaveri

Jyotindra Zaveri is an established social media marketer and ERP Consultant. He started his career as a Customer Engineer at IBM and then worked as a visiting faculty for reputed colleges in India for many years.

In the meantime, he explored the digital marketing world. He became the author of nine books and few newspapers.

Jyoti specializes in Scientific meditation, social media marketing management, and ERP implementation. He has traveled extensively to explore himself as a person.

He is an active YouTuber with a massive fan following on his channel.

Priya Florence Shah

The Founder & CEO of Blog Brandz, a digital marketing agency in Pune. She is associated with and SHEROES in editing.

Priya is an excellent example of a digital marketing expert who has not taken a primary degree in marketing but still made her way through her passion.

She later pursued many courses in digital marketing and advertising. She is also an excellent author. She has paved her way through the stream of biotechnology to digital marketing.

She is one of the leading digital marketers in India. Her journey is motivating for the women in us. She teaches us that there is no right time to start your journey.


Netra Parikh

Netra Parikh is an Avid Networker, Social Media Passionate, Headstart, Traveller, Admin & Logistics at Pinstorm Technologies.

She is the Co-Founder of a, India’s largest grassroots level organization that supports entrepreneurship and startups. She has started social campaigns like Startup Saturday,

Headstart Higher, We@Headstart, Kickstart, and Mentor, which have built a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. She is the women entrepreneur and the digital marketer; we all want to learn.

Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju, the co-founder of Pixel Track Digital. He is an author, trainer, and consultant in digital marketing for over ten years.

He has worked with companies like Razorpay, Instamojo, Practo, and MoEngage. He has written a book on entrepreneurship called Edge of Sanity.

He is also a TEDx speaker. He runs the world’s largest Digital Marketing group on Facebook called Learn Digital Marketing, where you can join his paid internship program to learn about digital marketing with practical knowledge.

Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia recently featured in few song albums, is a social media entrepreneur, YouTuber, motivational speaker, leadership coach, and author.

He is the founder of BeerBiceps Pvt Ltd, a company that creates self-improvement content in various & has co-founded Monk Entertainment (Monk-E), which provides content marketing & digital marketing solutions of all kinds.

His journey began in 2015 with his YouTube channel BeerBiceps, which targeted the fitness startup. While exploring his way in the digital world, he realized the power of social media and digital marketing.

He became a successful entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing. He came up with a podcast, The Ranveer Show, that became India’s top-ranked podcast on Spotify in March 2020.

And the good news for all of us is that will officially launch in November 2020.

That was genuinely slaying. These digital marketers are inspiring and influencing, aren’t they? What are you waiting? Kickstart your journey right now. It is now or never. ALL THE BEST.

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