UI/UX Design Mastery: 9 Game-Changing Courses You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2023

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UI/UX Design is an important component of today’s digital product development. It is the process of creating interfaces and experiences that are intuitive, engaging, and easy to use. UI/UX designers work on everything from web applications to mobile apps and create an experience that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

In today’s world, designers must stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in UI/UX design. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 9 game-changing UI UX design courses you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Digital Academy 360
  2. Design Boat
  3. Besant Technologies 
  4. My Great Learning 
  5. Intellipaat
  6. KnowledgeHut
  7. Simplilearn
  8. Aspira Design
  9. FITA

Let’s look into this list and see what these institutes offer to make them stand out as the best UX design certification programs.

1.Digital Academy 360

A well-known digital learning platform, Digital Academy 360 offers 2 UI UX design certification courses, focusing on theoretical and practical learning, that gives the learners hands-on experience in basic to advance UI UX design concepts.

The UI UX courses offered here also help learners use premium design tools, work on case studies, and create user journeys. Not only that, but they also work on experience-enhancing capstone projects and creating career-boosting portfolios.

These programs also offer specialisation in advanced topics such as Advanced Visual Designing, micro-interactions in User Interface, AR & VR in UI UX Designing and Web Analytics and Data-Driven Design.

Here are the 2 UI UX design certification programs offered by Digital Academy 360

  • Advanced Certification in UI/UX & Design Thinking – 4 months with 1 advanced topic
  • Post Graduate Program in UI/UX & Design Thinking – 6 months with 4 advanced topics

And the best part is that these UI UX design certification courses also offer placement training and job opportunities with top companies.

2. Design Boat

The UI UX design course offered by Design Boat offers a comprehensive learning experience in this field. This 17-week program ensures a student learns all the concepts and skills required to be a UI UX designer.

This UI UX design certification course comes with placement training and career guidance. The UI UX design certification program they offer is a basic to advanced learning program with a completely holistic approach. It is created for anyone with a passion for UI UX Designing.

3. Besant Technologies 

The UI UX design course offered here is created to train learners for competitive usage of UI and UX Design in mobile apps, Design with e-commerce websites, and website designs with customisation. 

This course focuses on UI and UX individually, both essential attributes for the performance of an application. This course creates a clear learning structure making it easier for learners to understand and follow along with the mentors. Not only that, this UI UX course comes with both certifications and placement opportunities.

4. My Great Learning 

The Design Thinking Certification Program offered by My Great Learning is in collaboration with Stanford Business. Here the focus is on learning how to drive strategic innovation in this program.

This program also comes with certain added advantages like

  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Nurturing an innovative mindset
  • Maintaining a human-centred approach to problem-solving

However, this design certification program is created specifically for CXOs, Business/ Strategy Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Process Specialists, User Experience Designers, and more.

5. Intellipaat

The Advanced Certification in UI UX Design Strategy by Intellipaat is a great program for anyone looking to upskill in UI UX Designing. Another course in our list in collaboration with a college, this UI UX design certification course, has mentors from IIT Guwahati Faculty & Industry Experts.

Through this course, you will master interaction designs, design thinking, wireframing, guerrilla testing, and other advanced design concepts. Ensuring a rewarding UI UX design career.

With the course stretching to 4.5 months, you will also have industry projects & case studies. You will also be trained on resume preparation and supported with placement assistance.

6. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut offers a UI UX design certification course that will help you kickstart a design-centric career by mastering the extensive UI/UX concepts.

With a focus on website wireframes and strategy, this 30 instructor-led training covers all the UI/UX development stages.

You will also work on creative and compelling live project experiences for over 80+ hrs of assignments in the e-commerce, websites and applications domains. You will also understand concepts like data research, research analysis, presentation, internal discussion, information architecture, and design ideation.

7. Simplilearn

The UI/UX Design Expert program, offered by Simplilearn, helps you learn the design-centric approach toward user interface and user experience, focusing on UX research, UI styling, User-Centered Design process, wireframes and prototypes, usability testing, and more.

This UI UX design certification course is a 4-month program that you can learn from home. You will also implement the user research process, design your portfolio on Dribbble to showcase your skills, conduct heuristic evaluations of your UX design, and much more through innovative projects.

8. Aspira Design

Aspire Design offers a UX UI Design Live Specialization Programme, which is a 3 months part-time course conducted for only 2 days a week. Here you will learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of UI UX design. 

This UI UX design certification course focuses on hands-on learning and portfolio development while offering career guidance, training in interviewing skills, access to the alumni community, and more.


FITA Academy’s UI UX design certification course is for anyone looking to work in the Web Design and Development domain.

Their program objective is to help students understand the functioning of the UI and UX fields and expose them to all the imperative concepts of the fields: visual Design, typography, interaction design, information architecture, and many more. 

Students will gain important skills to create intriguing and eye-catching designs that deliver the best screen experiences for users. They will also be equipped with other essential skills such as research, testing, debugging, collaboration, presentation, and communication skills.

Many UI/UX design courses are available online, and choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. However, by researching and comparing the different courses, you can find the perfect one. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, there’s a course out there that can help you take your skills to the next level.

Among the many UI UX design certification courses available online, the courses offered by Digital Academy 360 stand out as some of the most comprehensive and preferred options. The courses offered by Digital Academy 360 provide a well-rounded education and practical experience, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to master UI/UX design.

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